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Good Shepherd Sunday

From The Pastor’s Desk

A few years ago, I was visiting with some friends in Kansas City.  We were sitting in the living room; Bob was sitting on the sofa across from me and Kaye was walking around doing most of the talking. I thought I was hearing her all right, but I did notice that there were words…

From The Pastor’s Desk

One of the major themes of Pope Francis is that of mercy.  He wants to emphasize the place compassion and understanding have in the life of the church and in the life of the world today.  Actually mercy is nothing new.  St. John Paul II also spoke about mercy and gave this Sunday after Easter…

Changes to ministry profiles due by April 20th

Please make any changes to your ministry profile by April 20th so that they are included in our May-June schedule.  Don’t forget to include any summer vacation plans you may be making.  NEW ministers are very welcome!  Please contact if you are interested.

Ministry Scheduler Pro Training

Patty Welchel, an MSP expert from Kansas City, will becoming to St. Gregory’s to train our parish in use of this still-new system. Training will be held on Saturday, April 18th, from 10:30am to noon, in the parish hall. Please come to learn how to best work the system so that you are scheduled according…

From The Pastor’s Desk

The Lord is Risen!  The One who came to save us from sin now shows us the way to eternal life.  We have grieved the One who died as well as our loved ones who have gone before us, but now hope is triumphant as our faith shows us the empty tomb. Our Lent is…

St. Gregory’s Brunch at Wabash Junction

Mark your calendars! St. Gregory’s is hosting a brunch on Sunday, April 19th at Wabash Junction in Stanberry. Menu is a buffet, and includes items such as eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits and gravy, hashbrowns; also salads and fruits; several lunch items including beef, pork, chicken, catfish, potatoes and vegetables, etc., dessert bar; juice, coffee, lemonade….

From The Pastor’s Desk

Those from Missouri know that we are living in the “show me” state. I haven’t done my history I confess, so I’m not sure where that came from, but it seems to me to express a certain lack of faith or trust. It says: I need to see the evidence. I won’t take your word…

Create ‘n Paint – Canvas Cross Project

We are excited to offer our very own cork and canvas (minus the wine). Please join us for our 1st Create ‘n Paint event on Saturday, March 28th. The paintings below are examples of the projects. The 10am-noon session is the 3 Crosses on a Hill Canvas, and the 1-3pm session is the Decorative Cross….

From The Pastor’s Desk

These first weeks of Lent seem to have us as the focus; we who are the people of God. The Church wants us to understand that we must become engaged in this enterprise of fasting, prayer and self-denial. Lent is not a spectator sport. We are to enter into these days with body, heart and…

Ice Skating Party Still On!

I am waiting to make a decision about the ice skating party with the hopes that the roads will clear by the time we would need to leave town on Sunday. I will make a decision by 10am on Sunday and post it here, as well as on Facebook. Jenni


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