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“I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart; I will declare all your wondrous deeds.”
– Psalms 9:2

10:30 AM Mass – Children’s Liturgy of the Word – Begins on September 4th!!!

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Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLW) is a program designed to help young children understand the Gospel reading during the 10:30 AM weekend Mass.

TBA       Protecting God’s Children (Virtus)


Sun. 9-4                              CLW
Sun. 9-11                             CLW
Sun. 9-18                             CLW
Sun. 9-25                             CLW


Sun. 10-2                             CLW
Sun. 10-9                             CLW
Sun. 10-16                            CLW
Sun. 10-23                           CLW
Sun. 10-30                           CLW


*Sun. 11-6                            CLW

                 *Daylight Savings Time Ends–Back 1 hr

Sun. 11-13                             CLW
Sun. 11-20                            CLW
Sun. 11-27                             No CLW (Thanksgiving Break)


Sun. 12-4                              CLW
Sun. 12-11                             CLW
Sun. 12-18                            CLW
Sun. 12 – 25 thru 1-1      NO CLW (Christmas Break)


Sun. 1-8                                 CLW
Sun. 1-15                               CLW
Sun. 1-22                              CLW
Sun. 1-29               No CLW (Catholic Schools Wk)


Sun. 2-5                               CLW
Sun. 2-12                             CLW
Sun.  2-19                            CLW
Sun. 2-26                             CLW

 MARCH 2017

Sun. 3-5                              CLW*

                * Daylight Savings Time Begins– Forward 1 hr

Sun. 3-12                            CLW
Sun. 3-19                            CLW
Sun. 3-26                           CLW

APRIL 2017

Sun. 4-2                              CLW
Sun. 4-9                              No CLW (Palm Sunday)
Sun. 4-16                           No CLW (Easter Sunday)
Sun. 4-23                          CLW
Sun. 4-30                         CLW

REGISTRATION: To participate in CLW, students do NOT need to pre-register. Rather, they just accept the Celebrant’s invitation when he calls them forward during Mass!

GENERAL FORMAT: The Celebrant dismisses the children at the beginning of the Liturgy of the Word during Mass. The kids enter the Parish Hall with their teacher. After opening prayer and listening to the Gospel, the students are engaged in games and activities that unpack the Gospel’s meaning. After closing prayer, the students are given a prayer or activity handout to do at home with their families. After class, the children reenter Mass to join their families for the Liturgy of the Eucharist!  One or two confirmation students should be signed up to help the adult with class.      

LESSONS: These are tailored for students between preschool and first grade and use the teacher’s manual called Celebrating the Lectionary by Liturgical Training Press publisher.

DURATION: CLW is offered during the Sunday, 10:30 AM Mass throughout the school year

CALENDAR: Can also be found on the Church Web Page.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: If you are interested to be a teacher, sub, or if you have any other questions, please contact:

Francesca Brownsberger, Director of Youth Faith Foundation:

660-582-3833 *

Francesca Brownsberger
Author: Francesca Brownsberger