“You cannot imagine at all how much you interest God; he is interested in you as if there were no one else on earth.” – Julien Green (1900-1998, French writer)

Hello and welcome to our Parish!

St. Gregory Barbarigo Catholic Church in the corner of Northwest Missouri extends its greetings to you! We appreciate that you have chosen to give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and show you just a little about our community of faith.

You will see in our website that we are a strong, vibrant Catholic faith community who seeks to bring to others the message of Christ’s redeeming love. We are committed to teaching and growing always stronger in our faith and serve not just our own, but the entire Maryville, Missouri area. By virtue of our Baptisms, we are called to love after the pattern of Jesus.

Our roots go back over 150 years; a heritage both German and Irish that we are proud of and we continue to grow to meet the challenge of the modern, technological age with fervor and love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Fr. Martin DeMeulenaere
OSB, Pastor

About Father Martin

Fr. Martin is a monk of Conception Abbey and has served in a variety of capacities both in the monastery and on mission.  As a registered nurse, he was in charge of the infirmary at the Abbey and cared for the older monks.  He also worked in the seminary as a spiritual director and director of student liturgy.  He conducted retreats for individuals at the monastery and also preached retreats for retired sisters throughout the Midwest. In more recent years, he served as a hospital chaplain in Kansas City before becoming pastor at St. Gregory’s.

Our Roots: St. Patrick’s and St. Mary’s

Although the physical aspects, the brick, mortar, and shingles, of any organization are meaningful, of more importance is the stewardship of those members who continue the traditions of involvement, caring, and giving.

The leaders and parishioners of Saint Gregory Barbarigo have shown their community involvement through the Mount Alverno Academy, working with students at the university, and volunteer work at the hospital. Other examples of community impact through parish organizations include the Knights of Columbus, Rural Life Initiatives, Tri-County Pro-Life Activists, Friendly Neighbors, not to mention the Parish Council, School Board, P.T.O., Altar Society and Circle, and the Finance, Building, and Grounds committees.

Saint Gregory Barbarigo draws its roots from the first settlements in northwest Missouri and the traditions of both Saint Mary’s (German) and Saint Patrick’s (Irish). Our parishioners are committed to maintaining quality educational opportunities for the youth of Maryville, providing a beautiful place for worship, and continued stewardship and involvement of the community.