“[W]hoever wishes to be great among you shall be your slave….Just so, the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.” – Matthew 20:26b, 28

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.”
– 2 Timothy 2:15

First and foremost, a Church’s identity is as a sacred place of worship. The Catholic Church is where God gathers his people to himself to make them holy. The Church guides, sanctifies, and teaches the faithful.

Secondly, a parish community is a business. Every business has a vision and goals. Our goal is very high – we desire each person to become a saint. As a parish, how are we bringing people to Christ, and have we been effective? Are we meeting the needs of parishioners? Do we need to evangelize more, network more, or offer different programs? A parish needs habitual self-assessment on whether it is furthering its spiritual visions and goals or whether it is stagnant and needs to grow in deeper conversion to Christ. If this interests you, please consider joining our Pastoral Council.

In addition, a budget for yearly operations needs to be prepared. Events to encourage the spirituality & education of the parish need to be planned. Bills need to be paid. Roofs needs to be reshingled. Snow removal and parking lot repairs needs to be done. The cemeteries of our faithful need to be mowed and maintained. New members need to be welcomed and embraced like Christ. Many people are needed to fulfill these important, ongoing tasks of parish life. Please consider volunteering your time to serve in one of the following areas mentioned below.

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council collaborates with our priest in his responsibilities as “shepherd” of our parish community. The purpose of the council is to discern the needs of the community, set priorities, and develop programs to meet those needs. Programs are implemented by the parish staff and volunteers and funded by the Finance Council.

Six to nine parishioners and the priest serve on the Council. The principal of St. Gregory’s School and the parish business manager act as consultants to the council.

The council members serve three-year terms and are selected through a discernment—prayerful decision-making—process. The terms are staggered so that two or three new members replace the two or three outgoing members each spring.

Meetings: Council meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the 4th Tuesday of each month, except in July and December.

Volunteers: All parishioners are asked to consider joining the Parish Council as having a diverse Council best represents the St. Gregory community. Those interested in serving are invited to participate in the discernment process.

Finance Council

The Finance Council assists the Priest/Pastoral Council in planning and administering all parish financial matters. The Finance Council is directed by the faithful stewardship of the gospel as well as by sound business practices. Efficient and effective use of parish resources must be measured as much by their contribution to the parish mission and ministry as by commonly accepted business standards.

The Parish Council is composed of the priest and 3-9 active members of the parish who are knowledgeable and skilled in financial matters. Members are appointed by the priest for a 3-year rotating term, renewable for a second 3-year term. Those appointed to the Council cannot be relatives of the priest or other parish employees.

Meetings: The meetings are the 2nd Tuesdays of January, March, May, July, September and November.

Nominations: While new Council members are appointed, the priest would appreciate your assistance identifying parishioners who possess the necessary skills and who are willing to serve on the Council. New Council members begin their terms in August of each year.

Stewardship Committee

Stewardship means giving back to God in thanksgiving for what God has given us. The Stewardship Committee promotes the concept of stewardship as “a way of life.” The committee functions to not only educate parishioners about stewardship and stewardship opportunities, but also to encourage them to share their gifts of time, talent, and treasure for the good of the parish and the broader community.

Meetings: The committee traditionally meets the 1st Tuesday of each month, except in July and December.

Volunteers: Volunteers are needed to share their stewardship stories to the congregation. Additional volunteers are needed to help with special projects which have been selected based on input from an annual parish survey. In the past, these projects have included helping with coffee and rolls after Mass or volunteering at a Ministry Fair.

The committee members are also volunteers. Those parishioners wishing to serve on the Stewardship Committee are invited to participate in the discernment—prayerful decision-making—process which takes place in January or February each year.

Maintenance Committee

The Maintenance Committee is made of up volunteers from the parish, who would like to help beautify and maintain the grounds. A few of the volunteer projects include adopting flower beds, gardening, mowing, trimming trees, and clearing snow from sidewalks.

Meetings: This active group of parishioners meets from September to April on the last Monday of the month.

Volunteers: Parishioners are encouraged to help care for their place of worship. Because there are many projects and the grounds require continual maintenance. Volunteers are always greatly needed. The use of volunteers also reduces expenses for the parish.

Welcome Committee

The Welcoming Committee extends a “warm welcome” to new members, visitors, and parishioners alike. One of their main functions is to show hospitality by identifying and reaching out to new members of our faith community; for example, the committee distributes welcome baskets to new parishioners. They also promote fellowship throughout the St. Gregory’s Catholic community through events such as “Name-tag Sunday”.

Volunteers: All members of St. Gregory’s Catholic Community are considered a part of the Welcoming Committee and are strongly encouraged to extend greetings to those visiting our community. Moreover, parishioners are asked to support each other and the parish by participating in parish activities.

Parishioners wishing to be more involved with this ministry are invited to become members of the Welcoming Committee.

Cemetery Board

The Cemetery Board oversees the maintenance of the two cemeteries owned by St. Gregory’s Parish. St. Mary’s and St. Patrick’s Cemeteries are located on East South Avenue, east of Business Highway 71 (Main Street) near Deluxe Manufacturing.

The Board’s goal is to maintain the appearance of the cemetery grounds which includes mowing and decorating for Memorial Day. They also take note of and follow the regulations for head stone size, maintain the cemetery funds, and pay bills.

Meetings: The group holds working meetings, called work parties, once in the spring and once in the fall. During these meetings, board members and volunteers meet at the cemeteries to tidy the grounds. Additional meetings—for example to cleanup after a major storm—may be scheduled if needed.

Volunteers: Volunteers are needed to decorate for Memorial Day and to attend the work parties.